Womens Self Defense


Women’s Self Defense

Keller Self Defense and Krav Maga offers women’s self defense classes, seminars and workshops.

Our women’s self defense seminar is a 3 hour introductory Krav Maga class aimed towards the most common issues that women might deal with and how to defend yourself in those types of situations, while we hope that each and every woman can take away some skill that might help them fend off an attacker or possibly even save their life one day, the reality is that a 3 hour seminar just can not prepare you for what is out there, it can however give you a very good idea of what you can accomplish with a little more training.

Our women’s self defense workshop is a little more details and generally lasts about 6 hours. It is similar in format to the seminar however you get much more time to train each technique and build some muscle memory, we also show you more in depth techniques that we just do not have time to cover in the seminar.

People whom we would recommend taking our Womens Self Defense classes:
  • Girls about to leave for school / college
  • Female Real Estate Agents
  • All Women!

Try us out for 4 weeks!

You can always try out a free class, but we recommend that you try out the classes for a minimum of 4 weeks.

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Women’s Class Availability:
We offer Womens Self Defense classes for groups on request and we will at times host Womens Self Defense workshops. Contact us to set up group training or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming workshops.

What to wear:
Wear something athletic and comfortable, basically what would you wear to go for a jog in?

Class Structure:
If you are interested in Womens Self Defense classes on a regular basis, consider trying our Krav Maga Beginners co-ed Classes.

Last but Not Least:
Krav Maga is a self defense system designed for everyone regardless of age, physical condition, weight, or strength, If you are thinking that this is something you can not do then you are wrong!