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Kids Tactics and Krav Maga

Parents! Your child WANTS to be more Confident, Focused and Disciplined. They just need an activity that’s designed to help them get there.

At Keller Self Defense and Krav Maga we focus on Self Defense, and Fitness but there is so much more! They’ll learn how to stop the self doubt, low self esteem, and peer pressure that plagues their generation.

They will learn to communicate and de-escelate a situation to avoid a fight, they’ll have the focus, and discipline to fulfill their potential as they grow, at home, at school and even in college and into their lives as adults.

At Keller Self Defense we don’t just teach kids martial arts, we teach them tactical thinking, self defense, and how and when to use both. We have kids classes for ages 5-7 and they are 30 min each, and our kids Krav Maga classes for ages 8-12 are 45 min long each, We have classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  When your child is enrolled with Keller Self Defense and Krav Maga, they will be able to attend any and all Krav Maga classes on the schedule that are for their age group, we do not limit the amount of classes your child takes.

To find out if our kids Krav Maga classes are right for your child, you can start with our trial offer below, if you have questions feel free to reach out to us at 682-233-KRAV
People whom we would recommend taking our Kids Tactics classes:
  • Any Child Ages 5 through 12

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What to wear:
Wear something athletic and comfortable.

Class Structure:
Each Class is 30 to 45 min, Please be 5 min early so we can be on the mat promptly at the scheduled time.

This class is for children ages 5 through 12.

Last but Not Least:
Bring a friend! Kids will have fun but the very first class can be a little scary for some kids. If you think your child might have this type of reaction, consider asking them to bring a friend and they will enjoy the class much more!