Firearms Training

Firearms Training

Tactical Shooting and Firearms Training

At Keller Self Defense we teach more than just martial arts and hand to hand combat. We offer tactical firearms training that you can not get anywhere else in the DFW metroplex. Our main tactical instructor Kirk Taylor has trained with some of the most elite IDF instructors in Israel for Active shooter situations, VIP / Executive Protection, Military and LE Techniques.

We teach shooting and gun manipulation techniques at all levels from beginners buying their first gun to the guy or gal that has been shooting for 20 or 30 years. In general everything we teach when it comes to firearms is taught the Israeli way, which, if you have not seen before is quite different than most American shooters.

We structured our packages so that you can get tactical shooting lessons as part of your normal Krav Maga training, or if you are interested in firearm training only, we have a monthly plan for that too! The way our tactical shooting classes work is that we do dry fire training each Saturday morning at the Keller Self Defense School for the first three Saturdays of the month and on the last Saturday of each month we go to the shooting range and work on what we have learned the last month with live fire.

We also at times will offer 1 and 2 day workshops and one time classes. If you are in Law Enforcement, Security or EP work, let us know. We can even arrange to fly out the highest ranked and most respected israeli instructors in the world to host a special training course for you. If you are interested in tactical shooting instruction give us a call, (682)-233-5728.

Class Information

Equipment Needed for Dry Fire Practice: Semi Automatic Pistol in good working condition, 2 Empty Magazines, OWB Holster, Magazine Pouch.

Equipment Needed for Range Days: Semi Automatic Pistol in good working condition, 2 Empty Magazines, OWB Holster, Magazine Pouch, Eye protection, Ear Protection, 100 rounds of ammunition.