VIP / Executive Protection Training

VIP / Executive Protection Training

About our VIP / Executive Protection Training

We offer public VIP and executive protection courses, private group training for your company, organization, or team as well as private lessons.

In order to be good at something as important as protecting the life of a person or several people you must constantly train with an open mind, and our instructors have trained under some of the best VIP and executive protection specialists in the world, including the head of executive protection for the Israeli government.

We don’t just teach you how to be a body guard, we teach you everything from working in teams, transport, bomb sweeping, unarmed protection using Krav Maga, armed protection and tactical shooting while controlling and protecting your client and even the little things that get missed like what to always keep on hand, and how to treat your client. Our courses and training are for everyone including seasoned professionals, and regardless of your level of experience, you will leave with some amazing tools to add to your tool box.

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