Church Security Training

Church Security Training

Church Security Training

We provide all aspects of training for church security, from security camera recommendation to tactical response team training. We can help you build your team and train each member of the team depending on the role that they play in providing security for the church.

We believe that the church is of up most importance and should be one of the safest and most secure places on earth for people to go and worship, not only should a place of worship be secure, it must also “feel safe” for the people attending. This is why we choose to provide our church security training on a donation based system. Every place of worship should be able to afford security.

Regardless of if your team is composed of volunteers or if you have a paid security staff, we can provide the tools they need to do their job perfectly.

We will offer up to 8 hours of team training at your location on a donation basis. Please note that donations must at least cover the cost of travel, lodging, food and any equipment needed.

8 hours of donation based training is strictly for unarmed training, site survey, and recommendations on how to improve security at your specific location. If you are looking for more detailed training such as armed security, personal protection, and active shooter training pricing will adjust accordingly.

Scheduling is flexible and we will try to work to the best of our abilities to accommodate a training schedule that works for you.

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People whom we would recommend taking our Church Security Training:
  • Security Teams for Churches
  • Law enforcement officers, participating in an off duty security presence
  • Anyone providing security for Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques

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